Magical Thinking Won’t Solve Systemic Graft in Latin America

by IRIOctober 20th, 2020

The shocking suicide of former Peruvian president Alan García minutes before the police was set to arrest him on corruption charges has one again trained the spotlight on the global challenge of systemic graft, which is not only undermining the stability and democratic institutions of countries around the world, but driving political volatility and—in some cases—undermining faith in democratic norms. This phenomenon is particularly acute in Latin America. Operation Car Wash has set off shock waves across the region. In Peru, García’s death is the last and most tragic example of a chain of events triggered by the revelation that four former presidents took bribes from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht. Former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned last year, while his immediate predecessor Ollanta Humala is in pre-trial detention and the one before him, Alejandro Toledo, is a fugitive in the U.S. Read more

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