Kalaa Kebira, Tunisia

August 2018 119

The municipality of Kalaa Kebira is one of the largest entities in the Sousse Governorate, one of the 24 sub-national units across Tunisia. The city is located directly West of Sousse and has a population of approximately 58,000. The town is renowned for its olive groves, from which it derives its nickname of "capital of the olives." The economy of Kalaa Kebira therefore relies mainly on the agro-food industry. In addition, a portion of Kalaa Kebira’s economy is driven by the nearby city of Sousse where many citizens commute daily to work.


A major concern in Kalaa Kebira is that the inconsistent delivery of services by municipal staff spurs widespread perception of corruption. Citizens started to interpret poor service delivery as a consequence of not paying bribes. Secondly, Kalaa Kebira citizens face structural impediments to engage in municipal affairs, to access relevant information, and to ultimately build trust in public institutions. As a result, accountability significantly decreases and vulnerability to corruption increases.

August 2018
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  • In Kalaa Kebira, IRI's programming has worked constructively with the local municipality to find and remedy vulnerabilities to corruption within the government services.

  • Current programming is working with the municipality to expand citizen feedback mechanisms and  improve civil servant professional capacity.